I miss Jericoacoara


yellow plastic bag H&M

Et oui tout à une fin...malheureusement...en transition pour mon retour, je passe une nuit à Fortaleza.

si vous avez l'occasion d'y aller un jour, tentez le shopping mall d'Iguatemi, et gros coup de coeur pour

la marque brésilienne Farm !

Donc dès la semaine prochaine, moins d'exotisme, plus de tenues :o)


Bikini frou-frou New Look


For all of you who are still in Jeri, I miss you so much !!!! 

Don't want to go back in Europe...

But the only good thing is that we can see each other soon in Paris, Milano,

Zurich, whatever...

So you asked for english translation, then I'm trying to do my best :o)

...another way to stay a little bit in Jeri with those pictures !!

Take care guys, love you !!


perfect brazilian yellow nailpolish with a new DIY bracelet (coming soon)




Top / American Apparel, collier / Fashionology


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